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Abstract Quilt using Split Seconds Ruler

Hi Everyone,

This month I want to share a project using the Split Seconds Ruler which we have available on the website http://www.bay-window.com.au

I have been showing this ruler and some of the projects that it can be used for in my talks at the Craft and Quilt fairs.

This stunning quilt is a stack and slash quilt made using The Split Seconds ruler.  This ruler has curved slots in the ruler which you cut along using a 28mm rotary cutter

I started with 4 x 18″ blocks and laid them one on top of the other all with their right sides facing up.  I then made 6 random cuts through all the layers using the curved edge of this ruler.  Moving the ruler so that the cuts were not all the same.

Then following the diagram above I moved the top piece of fabric from both sides labelled 1 to the back of the stack.

I moved 2 of each piece labelled 2 to the back

I moved 3 of each piece labelled 3 to the back.

This will make 4 different blocks.  Working 1 layer at a time join the pieces together to form the block.

Repeat the steps to make as many blocks as required

I then joined the blocks together using 1 1/2″ sashing strips alternating the blocks between vertical stripes and horizontal stripes.


Another option is to use 7 different fabrics, once again position them on top of each other right sides facing up.  Make the 6 cuts through all the fabrics.


Move 1 piece from number 1 to the back

Move 2 pieces from number 2 to the back

3 from number 3

4 from number 4

5 from number 5

6 from number 6

Number 7 leave as is (don’t move any to the back)

You will now have 7 pieces all different in each block.

Join each layer together to form a block.

This will give you 7 blocks.

I hope you have fun playing with this technique and ruler


Happy Stitching



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