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Transferring designs for Stitcheries

Hi Everyone,

As you can all tell from lots of my patterns I love stitcheries.  I find them a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  I also find them a great way to pass the time in airports and on planes as we trek around the country to the numerous Craft shows we exhibit at.



To transfer your design from the pattern to fabric firstly choose a good quality washout marker and preferably one with a fine point that most of your stitching will cover.  If you choose to use a texta style marker this leaves a heavy line which can be hard to remove.

I use a light box but if you don’t have one a sunny window will do the same thing just tape the design and fabric to the window then you will be able to see the drawing through the fabric so that you can trace it onto the fabric.

With stitcheries I back them with a stabilizer called liteweft.  It is light weight and very soft, if you attach the stabilizer before tracing on the design it can be hard to see some of the finer details.

I always transfer the design first and then press the stabilizer to the back of the fabric.  I am always careful not to over press.  I press over the design as lightly as possible but heavily enough to still melt the glue then I press around the design to make sure I have the two layers bonded well together.

If you are worried about the possibility that your marker might not wash out test on a scrap of fabric before transferring the design to your fabric

To remove the markings after the stitchery is finished I use a cotton bud dipped in water and gently dab wherever the marker shows.  Sometimes you may need to do this several times as the water may just dilute the dye from the marker and spread it out as a pale shadow.

Happy Stitching



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